Number of Webinars Per Quarter

I’m looking for benchmarks on the number of prospect focused webinars that B2B tech companies are running per quarter. What’s your number? Thanks in advance for sharing.


3 max per audience per quarter

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Typically we try to host a new webinar once every 4 to 5 weeks, but that doesn’t always work out because we have a really small professional development department. Small meaning, it’s one person.

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We run different types of webinars, so our total is pretty high - around 20 to 30 webinars per quarter. Most of these are customer engagement webinars and technical product webinars, and then roughly a quarter of them are lead generating or thought leadership webinars.

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In average we run 1 webinar per week, but sometimes we have weeks with 2 webinars and other weeks with non. Most of our webinars are customer focussed. But some business unites are now starting the see the use of webinars to reach prospects. So I would say we do 3-5 webinars for prospects per quarter but they may differ per target audience. It might be an entire country / department we are targetting. Or just a very small group.

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We do a couple a quarter but will plan more in 2020.

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Maybe about 3-6? @erica.1 and @sanne, do you have a large online events team to help run them more frequent? Or a streamlined process that helps keep a good momentum going? Would love to hear more about it and what process works best for you.


@ashley for me it’s my fulltime job and I have some partners in crime in other offices. I don’t have that much influence on the content of the webinar, I leave that to the host but we do discuss what works and what not. I am responsible for the process and promotion (but this last one is also the responsibility of the people requesting/hosting the webinar) For now I can manage it, but I am hoping for more people who want to join because I do want to make improvements which sometimes is difficult time wise. We do have a process about how to handle webinars if you want to I can share some more about it?

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We limit it to 6 per quarter per specific audience, but normally try to keep it in the 3-4 range just to not tire out our promotion lists.

We try to segment people out as often as possible as well, but a lot of what we run is pretty general.

If we want to do more, normally we try to re-word what we’re promoting. We may say webinar or we’ll use something like video podcast (which sounds really dumb to me, but podcasting is super hot now so we just use the term) and offer an audio version as well.

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Right now only 2-3 per quarter but will be adding on to that.

We run up to 41 webinars a quarter however it depends on a few factors like the current campaigns and what other initiatives are promoting to our prospects. Webinars are only one piece of content we produce.

20-30 per quarter that may become more and short.

We are currently running about 3-4 prospect webinars per month so 10+ per quarter. Plus we are doing 1-3 sponsored webinars per month and 3-4 customer only webinars per month.

I think a monthly webinar is the least you should do. So quarterly should be 3-5

We’re running at least two webinars a month and 6 per quarter.

With ON24, our company is going to be running about 10 webinars per month, so roughly 30 webinars total per quarter. Of those webinars, we’ll be running about 20-25 specifically prospect facing

Hope that helps!